Seven Solutions Limited

Seven Solutions Limited is a holding company established in 2018, comprised of investors, entrepreneurs and business owners. The group is set to develop FinTech projects with its first HR software being Bahrain HR. Founded by Mark JP Nutter, British entrepreneur, Seven Solutions founders and board members include:

Mark JP Nutter

Chairman and Founder

I have been working in the FinTech industry for over 20 years and sold my last company, to Capita PLC in 2015. In 2016, I invested in a Dubai-based Insurance company. Following this, I saw the need for intuitive HR software designed to meet the specific requirements and working practices of the region. Bahrain HR is a project I am truly passionate about, being able to solve and address...

Board Of Directors

Daniel Dickinson

Sean Burgess

Richard Fennell

Lynne Alexander


Matthew Hurn

Mark Donovan

John Gely

Marc Beattie

Timothy Murray-Brown

Paul Donovan